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Issa Kambi from Tanzania message

Issa Kambi from Tanzania message
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I real appreciate from my heart the Japanese Car.I like all brands because it’s still the only car you can use even in remote/rough roads but still stay strong. It’s also the only cars which might be used and even not feeling difference when repaired after accident. But it’s easy and cheap repairing all the Japanese Car.
I see even my Tanzanian Government,International organisations and other offices use mostly Japanese cars,this prove that it’s stronger, my stay longer and used in all environment as it’s also powerful and economy.
Please let me be the winner so that I can start using the brand of car I mostly like over the world.Are the car of my dream when I get enough money to buy one for my family and other activities,like going in the villages and educate/create awareness to people that disability is not inability as I work on people with disabilities but I fail most of time to reach them because of reliable transport.I”m now sure that after getting your gift I will reach them easily and even successful creating community awareness about disabilities and people with disabilities.
Hopping to hear nice words from you,
Thank you,

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