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Israel from Tanzania message

Israel from Tanzania message
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U should pick me as a winner cause I need a car to go to the college in order not to west so much time as usual that it is like that cause I can’t afford to buy a car right now.
What do I think about a car from Japan is that the one of the best cars in the market, Japanese used cars are that are more compatible than any other cars, cars that can be easily maintained, and most importantly the car that are strong and that they have better performance and average fuel consumption and they are also car from Japan are called the environmental friendly cars the cars that can not pollute our environment. Japanese used car are user friendly cars also also they are more reliable, they are the ones having minimum used millage than of any other market and they are the ones that are more dependable in the case that they can be affordable and available to any body who need those cars and also they are supplied in the best systems ever in the world.

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