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ISHMAEL from Kenya message

ISHMAEL from Kenya message
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I nominate myself for the competition challenge, since I felt the need of having a mobility means. Am a business man (small business) which in a particular day requires me to move from a point to a point.
Having my own means of movement will help me in cost cutting and effect my business transaction with efficient. Since the revenue from the business at moment can not support me buying directly from your side, Am taking this challenge to get a starting point where I can save and expand more with increase in ownership of more cars.
Am a young man of age 26 years and a startup in the business, am sure of quality cars from CAR FROM JAPAN. Being a used car am confident that the car will have no complex automation which might be difficult for my layman knowledge of operating.
In the coming years am planning to invest more in Car dealing business which has been my passion since I was in school, wish that CAR FROM JAPAN will at point nominate me as their agent in Kenya, to promote the business and offer swift client connection and response to their issues.
The pace at which the industry is advancing seems to be potential for a businessman and can earn quite well when quality and prompt are intercepted into the business. From experience in business these two are the right trails for expansion and success of a business economy of scale.
Kindly help me in realizing my dream.

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