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ise from Nigeria message

ise from Nigeria message
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you should pick me as the winner because then i won’t have to taxi everywhere i want to go, certainly my mode of transportation will be easier and less tasking since i don’t have to be dependent on anyone else. more-so, winning the car will make my life more convenient and help me in managing my personal and academic / professional life, obviously in this fast-paced advancing world it will help save me more time and make me keep to my schedule and help me in pursuit of my goal as an engineer. also, i live in a country where it is expensive to board a taxi and over sixty percent of the taxis available are in poor working conditions and the probability of a taxi being faulty after boarding one and going through a long distance is quite high, sometimes the drivers make stops to refuel which cause delay for about half an hour or more because of constant long queues and traffic congestion which is inevitable in the country, most of the drivers are quite reckless and ill-tempered, a few months ago my mother was involved in a car accident which was a collision of two taxis and she sustained a few cuts, winning the prize from CAR FROM JAPAN will save me a lot of money on transportation and will help lower the risk of me being involved in a car accident and also keep my family safe.
I think CAR FROM JAPAN is setting very high standards for other commercial car selling companies available at the moment and the chief marketing officer has done well putting CAR FROM JAPAN wider on map by making this competition possible. The car giveaway summer competition is very unique and the first i have ever heard of and i think it is the first car giveaway competition most people have also ever heard of and the awareness it will create will assist the general public in making their search for cars less hectic and more efficient, this is because the Japanese used cars on the site are of different models suitable for people of all classes and the tagged prices on these cars are unbelievably low, hence the cars are very affordable and the cost of transporting a Japanese used car is not tedious. Having a car of my own has always been my dream and i pray CAR FROM JAPAN will help make my dream come true. Thank you.

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