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Iresh Bandara from Sri Lanka message

Iresh Bandara from Sri Lanka message
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I’m from Sri Lanka and saw this give a way by accident. for the last few months me and my wife are facing a very stressful time as we found out that our car is beyond repair. Its a toyota windom VCV11 and we both love it cause we met in because of this car. so we tried everything to fix it but yesterday our mechanic told us that its has a crack in the engine block and cannot be repaired or at least it would cost us a fortune. we were very sad and still dont want to let it go. i was stugling with the finances to buy a new one also as the cars are very expensive here in Sri Lanka.
Then i saw your give a way and my hopes went to the sky and hoping i would win this so that i can make my wife smile again. and thank you for making me happy in the morning even if im not the winner. wish you all the best for your business.
best regards

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