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Hesborne Owuor from Kenya message

Hesborne Owuor from Kenya message
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Cars from Japan
Cars from Japan are known for their outstanding able-bodied fitting, their interior finishing, and their exterior build and of course reliability. Durability makes these cars long lasting especially the Honda brand which are my adored rides (with lasting hundreds of thousands of miles and running so smooth). Low maintenance requirements mean saving money during the course of owning a car from Japan. I also admire the simplicity of the mechanisms Japanese cars come with i.e. streaming easy solutions for mechanical issues as opposed to your competitors. Cars from Japanese tend to retain their value longer giving them a higher resale value whenever such scenarios come up but my main reason of adoration is consumption. Gas mileage is typically higher in both city and highway driving saving money at the pump (which is so important in today’s world)and reducing vehicle emissions which ensures we live in a healthier environment.
My Love for Honda as a Brand also extends into the security features. The G-CON structure has strong Pillars which absorb impact in depth thus preventing Injuries to occupants. Crumble zones are effectively placed to secure occupant’s compartment and trust me on this one, it’s the best selling point for this brand. How did they come up with that Roof? It’s unbelievably strong.
Though I am not a Toyota fan, it’s the most common car in Kenya and they are prominent in every town/road and yards. Speed lovers here go for the 2.4 L V6 Toyota Mark X which offers the sedan-comfort in addition to reliability and speed(naturally it’s aspirated to produce 220 horses, it’s heavy and thus fast)
Subarus are also common in Kenya especially the impreza though many people are now buying the foresters and generally all brands will kriss-kross as you drive around our roads.
The hatchbacks are all over, whichever brand you want to identify with, you’ll not be short of comparisons from Fits to Demios to subarus to ists to proboxes to VW golf to Prius to BMW i3 to Audi et al.
The Suvs are a common sight with the lovely Rav4s to xtrails to CRVs to Foresters to highlanders to outlandars to BMW x series to KIA to HRVs whatever one desires and can afford.
Station Wagons are awash too from Honda Stream(I should be married to one-Honda Stream sounds like a girls name- that speaks English otherwise I will get the car and Propose to the sales lady). There are also the Wishes, Air waves and because I don’t want to adulterate the HONDA STREAM let me stop here and reminisce with my Dream Car.
Honda Stream Displacement 1997cm3
Power:110 KW@6200rpm;150hp@6200rpm;148bhp@6200rpm
Torque:140lb-ft@4200rpm;190 nm@4200rpm
Fuel System: EFI with multi point fuel injection, Cooled EGR(Exhaust gas recirculation).I-VTEC and CVT with electromagnetic clutch coupling……………I just got to stop!!!

Cars from Japanese are popular because they are engineered to the highest standards which results in durable, dependable rides designed to save the owners money. As if that isn’t enough, Cars from Japan are easy to repair with parts available at almost every auto shop ever opened in addition to Japanese Auto businesses setting up shops in Kenyan towns. We couldn’t ask for more.

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