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Heri Ngowo from Tanzania message

Heri Ngowo from Tanzania message
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Hellow CAR FROM JAPAN, Myself i trully trust and love your Car, though i currently no ability to buy car because of my financial position but i try to join the competition since i like CAR FROM JAPAN. I belive one day i will win the Car. I have been admire those who own car from Japan in Tanzania, looking them as king while thinking that one day i wll be part of them, i beliave that once i own a CAR FROM Japan i will emphasis my relatives and friends to buy the Car from Japan. I will be doing that to ensure that even my relatives know how quality is your Car. In Tanzania we have a campany known as Be Foward” this company deal with delivering and selling car from Japan, i have been sent an email to this Company enquering them to give me a chance to be their broaker but untill today i did not receive thir feedback. why was i send an email wanting them to accept me? this is beacuse i trust Japanees Car, therefore i believe that even if i emphasis some people and companies to buy Car from Japan, they will not blame me or they will not regreat their choice. So the trust that i have for Japanees Car is great to the extent that impress me to work with your company as a sales Agent in Tanzania. But my dream will never end here, by wanting to win the prize but also by making your car to be reputable not only in our home land, but also wholeover the world and let everyone know the sweetness and specialness of your Cars. As i write to you now i see several Cars pass along the road over there some are made from Japan some are not Made from Japan. I feel sad as i see some cars are not of Japanees type, i fee agry, i even feel something like to go and tell those people with cars that are not made from Japan to resale them and buy Quality cars from Japan, but i cant do that because they will ask me, “are you ever use or drive a car from Japan? ” i wonder since i have never use car from Japan i will not be able to answer them clear, then they will not trust me. But if i was the Car from Japan i could show them how beutful and lucky Cars are the Cars From Japan. I need a Car from Japan to make my Convincing power stronger enough to convince people in Tanzania to buy Cars from Japan. I can start convine them right now even thouh i don have a Car, i start by send the link in Facebook and other social media as Much as i can to win the prize. please i want to win the prize, i will be discouraged once i use most of my time convincing people in Tanzania to use car from Japan and unfortunately i don win the car. I will cry for sure. I will be proud to have a Car from Japan. Love you all

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