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Harry Gasper Massay from Tanzania message

Harry Gasper Massay from Tanzania message
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Am so proud to take part in this competition believing that i will be the winner though this is a game of chance which depends on probability (every participant has equal chance to win).
However i have to congratulate Ms Car from Japan on their strategic marketing approach (this approach is far reaching with less expense) in attracting new customers to your web.
this approach is very innovative and it really works. Japanese are well known to be durable, quality and very economical in terms of fuel consumption and easily available repair kits for service and maintanance.
Advert through web and social media focused on potential (likely) customers to view and see all details and physical appearance of their choice, make queris and simplified ordering process.
WHY ME? Though this is most difficult question but i can simply say that am gonna meet all the requirements set by Ms Car from Japan so as to be a winner.
Hope to hearing that am winner.
Harry Gasper Massay

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