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HAROLD HABEENZU from Zambia message

HAROLD HABEENZU from Zambia message
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I am overwhelmed by the promotion you are currently running. It might be a good avenue for the company to spread the good news about the corporate social responsibility it is currently performing for the benefit of people around the world, especially Africa. Japanese cars have greatly contributing to curb the transport challenges being faced in most developing nation like Zambia.
I therefore recommend the company for embarking on this developmental activity aimed at giving back to countries which are frequent importer of Japanese cars.
I would like to be picked as a winner in this promotion because am a frequent visitor of this company activities and usually help other people who need guidance on the Japanese used cars. Japanese used cars are simply the best cars in the world because they are durable and usually almost new. Car from Japan are simply the best stock for Africa and i like it that way.

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