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Hansen Inganga from Kenya message

Hansen Inganga from Kenya message
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I have always admired driving a toyota one day ever since i was a child.. I usually made cars out of boxes n bottle tops n also wires n bottle tops and over the years telling myself that one day i will have one of my own… My dreams are still valid n with toyota I’d be very grateful to you guys for making my dreams a reality… Toyota is my ideal take on owning one because its easy to maintain n the spare parts are easily found here in nairobi… Having a toyota as a car helps you enjoy the fun part of driving with not much expenses in mind.. It is the ideal pick for me.. How i love toyota… I echo the words of my mom.. “One day my son u shall drive a car of your own n take us to places we have only dreamed of” thats what my mom told me after seeing me pull the car made of boxes and wires… And i as a little child told her.. “mom kwanza toyota ndio nitaendesha” meaning… “Mom first i shall be driving a Toyota model.. “… I always love toyota model vehicles… The best designs ever according to me…

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