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Haneef James from USA message

Haneef James from USA message
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I am graceful to be apart of such an computation. Living in a city where life really is dangerous and things are rough, I Just pray to be safe. But I Am a student in college right now and I commute every day. It is hard but I try to get through it. My brother had a car but it was totaled, so now there is no car for no one to drive. My mom is a single mother and I am a first generation college student. With this car it will help my whole family get around to places that are very important. My grand mother lives with me and she can’t drive no more, the doctor said to her, this car will help me transport her too back and fourth to the Hospital. On the other hand what I think about Car From Japan, I believe its an amazing company. I say this because its crazy how there is a company willing to give away cars that cost thousands of dollars, to the innocent people around the world. Thank you for this opportunity.

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