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Hamphrey S kalokola from Tanzania message

Hamphrey S kalokola from Tanzania message
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Thanks alot am really Impressed to be the winner from this competition but I have something to tell you guys I have dream to reach there at Japan in my life what can you do to help me to reach there and I promise Am gonna offer all of my efforts and hardworking
to your group am taking Bsc in Computer-science by now at DAR-ES-・ SALAAM UNIVERSITY here at the United Republic Of Tanzania I really appreciate your Company and your services guys if Our might LORD wishes I wish to be among the workers who would offer a part of services from your group I believe in my self I can do that through my knowledge of computer science and if you give me some of your additional skills yeah I believe I can do that all is my expectations from you refund me am gonna do your work not only in my mother country but for the world wide I promise to extend and advertise effectively the cars from Japan since technologically is obviously known that you have created and assembled very best cars ever seen and that’s why almost a larger number of people believe at that that is really visible to all of us and that is a just a few words I can talk

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