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Hamida A Nganilevanu from Tanzania message

Hamida A Nganilevanu from Tanzania message
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My Name is Hamida A Nganilevanu, am stay in Dar es salaam Ukonga near the airport,
the reason Why you should pick me as the winner is because my dream is to win a car from japan since you have started the first competition,I’ve never owning a car in my life and my age is running, i wish this time to be a lucky winner. If I win I will be very happy,because i am a teacher and i work far so if you pick me as the winner you will help me alot for the transport.I hope you will fullfil my dream to own a CAR FROM JAPAN.
CAR FROM FROM is a platform to trade Japanese used cars and is the best company of exporting Quality and Affordable Japanese used car across the Africa.CAR FROM JAPAN is the number one company which they are exporting low milage cars,a new modern cars across the Africa and most in East Africa.I wish i can own a car from CAR FROM JAPAN.also i need you to know Am post my link to facebook page which has 300k > and other blogspot so that people can know about car from japan.

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