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Gyan Andrew from Ghana message

Gyan Andrew from Ghana message
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Cars From Japan
The reason why I will like to be pick as winner in this competition I have the ability to market your product to more clients to be able help prompt your company into the standard of your expectation with many years of marketing skills that I have. And also provide ideas that will boost the selling of your product and also expand your business to countries that they don’t have the access in purchasing from you. Because what I truly believe in this modern world is that the selling competition is very high and is not like the olden days that one person seems to do something different from others. But today system of selling product has to deal with more strategic plans that is once to need to be maturity inclined with the IT systems and also be more creative. There are so many companies in the world that they raised very high from the start but later find themselves no where because of lack of creativity and also couldn’t me the critiral of the medium of using the internet to make tremendously progress and also how they can sketch well intelligent plant concerning the system of marketing. One thing that I strongly believe is that every strong hold of buying and selling companies base on the creative idea of a marketer.

Japan is also country where its style of doing business link with major party of European countries and a few continents in Africa but the there is one important thing we should all know is that the places that we don’t regarded might be a place where the strength of companies lies. Let not target specific places as business boundaries because of internet fraud and stuffs but rather we must look at the bases and the resources that country has to be able to link our styles of doing business to make tremendously change.

I think this free cars offer is very good because,in world of marketing you have to lose before you can gain when you afraid of losing,then it will be very hard to gain. And also the referrer system that you have adopted for building up points to win prices will also motivate those who have taken part in this competition to advertise your product more effectively to consumers in the near future.

Revenue-driven marketing
Marketers who are capable of driving revenue tend to thrive in their careers. That’s because most CEOs believe that marketers are detached from corporate business objectives. Recent survey by the Fournaise Marketing Group highlights this problem – 78% of CEOs think marketing isn’t focused on generating topline revenue growth. And 80% of CEOs believe marketers are disconnected from short and long-term financial objectives. Marketers who can tie their efforts to improving revenue thrive in an environment like this.

Know your market
The success of a marketing organization depends on its ability to understand its target market. The marketer who can understand and effectively articulate what customers and competitors are doing has a foundational marketing skill. Becoming the voice of the customer is particularly valuable to a business. Marketers who can collect both quantitative and qualitative data about customers and present that data to executives in a strategic manner are very valuable. One other point – this isn’t just about gathering data via surveys. Direct conversations with customers are critical to this effort and usually more valuable than survey data.

Create remarkable customer experiences
Today’s most successful marketers create remarkable experiences for customers. Thanks to the internet, there are now many more points of interaction between a customer and brand today. These interactions are growing richer and richer and it’s marketing’s job to create and manage these experiences. Marketers who can create experiences that truly resonate with customers are rare, but those that can deliver business results that far exceed the norm.

Become a storyteller
A big part of creating a remarkable customer experience is telling a good story. It’s harder than ever to get a customer’s attention. That’s why marketers such as we all believe that storytelling is critical to successful marketing. Marketers must be good storytellers for the simple reason that customers identify with compelling stories more than anything else. Most successful marketing campaigns tell a story that customers identify with on an emotional level. Marketers who can tell great stories to customers via a variety of marketing campaigns are indispensable in a world where attracting a customer’s attention can be challenging.

Test everything; assume nothing
Many marketers make decisions based on their gut instincts, but with the wealth of data available to them, this doesn’t need to be the case. Good marketers are continuously testing things like new marketing campaigns, ad copy, and pricing to turn data into business results. Fortunately, a number of tools, such as online advertising platforms and SaaS tools, are now available, making testing easier than ever. For example, simple A/B tests will help you test the effectiveness of relative offers, copy, and designs.

Never stop learning
Marketing is changing at a rapid pace thanks to dynamics like the internet and the changing customer behavior. That means that marketers have to learn faster than ever. Something as simple as learning has become an essential marketing skill. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of information available online that can help marketers learn about new marketing trends. Many of the world’s best marketers are actively blogging and tweeting the latest data and information. LinkedIn is another powerful tool for acquiring marketing knowledge . Examples of topics to learn about now include social media, content marketing, big data, and mobile marketing. My co-founder, Craig Rosenberg, puts the importance of continuous learning this way, “Self-educate as much as you can. The marketing you learn in school or in books is much different than how marketing actually works. You should read blogs, white papers, attend webinars, go to online and offline training… Even CMO’s spend a lot of time self-educating on marketing. You can never know enough.”

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