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Greg Ofoma from Nigeria message

Greg Ofoma from Nigeria message
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Am in love with Japanese cars. In fact, I currently use Toyota Corolla CE 2003 Model as one of my cars.
Am in love with it especially for its ruggedness, low fuel consumption & high second hand value.

I also use another Asian car – Hyundai Accent 2013 Model which I also love but there re quite some things that make me love my Toyota most amongst the 3 cars we use – the AC is more powerful & its navigation covers enough circumference than that of the Hyundai Accent. Also the head lamp High Beam & several other things that I can’t mention all here now.

This would be one of the most beautiful gift I’ll receive for the year & as a respected music artist, it will add value to your brand when I continually use your different brands & models.

So, Lan Phan, am looking forward to receiving your gift & having the opportunity to affect your brand(s) positively.

Thank you.


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