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Grace from Kenya message

Grace from Kenya message
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Hello car from Japan my name is Njeri aka Timac I am glad that I found this site. I have always wanted to own a nice car affordably as it will come in handy especially at this festive season of chrismas it is really bad when you have to borrow a friends car whenever I want to travel or go to places .At times they may be travelling and leaves you no option than use the public transport,it is not so bad but the congestion and noise here in Nairobi may make a short trip feel like a million mile journey. If I could afford a great car I would be the happiest woman. Other than that is was my resolution to own a car before the end of 2016 and although the year is almost over I have not give up on the dream for I believe change can happen within a split second and the only thing that will stop me from getting that car is only when I stop believing I can, I will do all I can to get a nice car for myself before the year ends. More than that it will up opportunities for I will not turn down deal that need travelling because i might not make for lack of reliable transport and other than that I could even sign up for Uber driver therefore earning extra cash. Thirdly I can be able to help those very valuable friend who doesn’t have a car yet as I was helped when I don’t have. In general this car will be a blessing to me and those around me. I hope this time my deepest desire will come true. Thanks car from japan.
When was going to work in this morning dressed lin white pants and a brown trenchcoat one very rude guy decided that I needed a better bath and splashed a pool of muddy water on me that I had to go back and change my clothes. I was not angry but the only thing that came to my mind was if had my own car I wouldn’t have to suffer such. You see I really so need this Car I will update this again if something happens again.

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