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goodluck marcus from Tanzania message

goodluck marcus from Tanzania message
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You should pick me as a winner first i have done everything which you have asked me to done secondly i got big connection here in tanzania xo by you giving me that gift will also help you out to got customers by connection of me as you know no body needs bad things and that is how it is in cars i got a car i wanted you got customer you wanted the car which you are going to give it to me as a gift it will help me on going to college helping my grandmother on deriveling some the goods she made it will gonna help me alot also it gonna change my life after all i got no father or mom i only live with my grandmother and my little brother.and in ower family some times grandmothers bisness doesnt goes well because im the older brother its the time i go and find something so that my family can eat.all i know is that car will help me alot on my hustles althou i still study but also i do some bisness as you know no body needs a hard life it just comes and if you dont keep on finding some you will end up of alwayz being a poor.i dont want to end up poor all i need is somethong good for me my family even for the future of my family.although many teenagers now days sell some cocaine but i dont need that kind of life i need a honestry life not a fake life as other people does.i need some thing better something which people can alwys appreciate me for it and something that my little brother can copy from me is a honestly because if i go i got in wrong ways ma little brother also will follow the way thats why i need to be a good example to my family,my neighbours,and all the people around me i need to be a good boy and exmple.
Cars from japan in the way i see its not bad i see the cars are great they aint got a problm and also you can get them faster than other places or country as well many people know that japan have good cars and great in ower country most of the cars are from japan that shows how big and good your company is and i will be so proud to use the car from your company because you are so good when it comes to cars you are alwys the best in cars just keep on good and you will be more than you are now every single day you make a step to go forward also im so proud to be among of the participants in this although i wont gonna win but im happy for all everything which i have passed through thanks it was my first time and i wont gonna be my last time i will alwys try because i real need that car thank you all

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