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Godlove N. Matela from Tanzania message

Godlove N. Matela from Tanzania message
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Hi!! Cars from Japan’s team,
Is my pleasure to join your team and to me is great opportunity hoping for long time,
I will explain in brief about you in our country.
Cars from Japan, New and used one are very well marketed, and there are companies and individuals importing cars from Japan,
And am telling you the truth in our country, your product are number one in the car market in Tanzania. Your product are mostly used by Government institutions, Tourism industries, construction companies, and individuals.

And if I will be champion of this competition, I will be your ambassador to my company, friends and all people near me, to convince them to buy your products because are good in any level of income.
I hope by selecting me in this competition as the winner, it will be an added advantage to your organisation, I will use my spare time to recruit new customers to buy your product, whereby I will start to import cars from Japan,
Together we can achieve our goals, meaning that cars from Japan to be leading car’s company in the world.
Yours faithfully
Godlove Matela
A competitor

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