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GODLOVE MATELA from Tanzania message

GODLOVE MATELA from Tanzania message
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Hi! car from Japan team, Is amazing to here about car from Japan campaign. It was my dream to own car from Japan, because product from Japan are best in the market, in my country, car from Japan are leading vehicle for both Government institution, private organization and individuals. So I will be faithful ambassador of your product. For sure next year I will open car yard, so I will import car from Japan to Tanzania, in oder to join you in this business and I believe together with you we shall conduct good business smoothly.
I always like to do things with good reputation, that why I’m proud of you because of the durability of your product, to me working with you is added advantage to my life, and I believe few years to come though now days am not famous but surely working with you for one year I will be in the list of very known people in my country Tanzania.
Please pick me as winner of this competition, to stir your company for greater chances than what you hold now.
You will never regret to have me as the winner in 2016,

All the best as we are close to the dead line of our lovely campaign ‘ car from Japan’
Yours faithfully
Godlove N. Matela
Car from Japan – a competator

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