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Godfrey Braganza from Kenya message

Godfrey Braganza from Kenya message
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Hello Lan,

I am happy to be associated with CAR FROM JAPAN. So far I do have a lot of dealings with the company but I believe I can get some good deals for Japanese used car for either personal use or for starting a small business. I am a retired engineer at the present with a very old Subaru car – year 2000 – which has given me useful trouble free service for many years. But now spare parts are difficult to find and a replacement front passenger seat belt which I need cannot be found anywhere in the world. So I cannot have friends or relatives travelling easily with me in the front passenger seat. I have tried for several hours searching for one on the Internet from Australia to US from South Africa to Europe. So you can understand the problem. As you will observe I have indicated my preference for a Subaru if you pick me as a winner. I believe it is the most reliable car for the bad roads in Kenya as it is very tough and gives very little problems and years of service. I think CAR FROM JAPAN has come at the right time to solve my problem by making me a winner and I can do whatever I can to promote CAR FROM JAPAN. Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinions.

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