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godfrey barongo from Uganda message

godfrey barongo from Uganda message
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thank you so much for this time and for the on going campaign Car Giveaway Summer 2016.first of all,i was successfully registered in the on going competition to get a chance to win a free car.
secondly,i shared the the campaign in the link as: .this was to make sure that whenever anyone click or join via my URL, i get points
Another thing is that Japanese cars are reliable and that’s the case am seeking out my chance to win because Japanese vehicles are generally thought to be more reliable than cars from other countries.

Japanese cars have smaller engines and have more fuel economy than other cars from different countries. Also they have more engine types and they can go faster for cheaper.More people are driving Japanese cars and have a lot of people whose dream cars are Japanese cars and as you can see more people prefer Japanese cars.
The Japanese cars are so much more advance and are mo reliable. First they have more engine type like inline 4, inline 6, 2,3,4 rotors and boxer etc. they are usually weight less and with a little boost your little ordinary Japanese car can be be a little Godzilla. Most of them will be cheaper imported from japan.
Japanese cars have better value and quality than cars from other countries and Japanese car and the Japanese made car lasts longer With proper maintenance.

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