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Godbless Rabson Kwayu from Tanzania message

Godbless Rabson Kwayu from Tanzania message
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First I would like to commend your efforts in empowering people around the world to have a chance to win a car from Japan. It’s great idea and wonderful opportunity to touch lives of ordinary people whenever they are with no limits to boundaries or distance.
Please make this initiative a sustainable one, am sure you will increase your customer base and get the return of Investment.
The cars from Japan have been for a long time the proven and commendable vehicles for means of transport from countries like USA to Burundi. Japan have cars for everyone and every nation of this world. You have created a legacy no country or manufacture can ever match. In all the places and countries I have visited they say the car in front of you is always from Japan.
Will like to be considered for a winner because it will bring a joy into my family,a sense of accomplishment , belonging and attachment to Japanese cars.

May the best win.

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