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Gladys from Kenya message

Gladys from Kenya message
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CAR FROM JAPAN My name’s Gladys wairimu and I would love to own a car. It’s my pleasure to be able to write on this wall and shre my dream with the world. For so many years I have dreamt of owning my personal car and its quite a privilege to have to participate in this particular rally. Its quite encouraging that you’ve set aside this particular site to have people from all ethnic groups to have a chance to own their dream car one day. Am encouraged and ultimately motivated to participate in this. The reason why you should choose me is because I really need a car for me and my family. I need one to be able to navigate to school effortlessly and also to be able to take charge of my driving. I think CAR FOR JAPAN WILL be a platform to elevate so many people in the society by offering them a means for navigation that will take the feeling of satisfaction a notch higher.

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