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GIDEON PROSPER SARO from Tanzania message

GIDEON PROSPER SARO from Tanzania message
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Iam GIDEON PROSPER SARO i stay in Dares alaam i am 19 years old Tanzanian citizen i have accomplished advanced level at kibiti highschool in Pwani region.I am interested of japanese cars, like toyota landcruiser,toyotacoaster,nissan ;but since i have no large capital to buy one.
Cars from Japan are cheaper than one from europe or america thus why i think of a car from Japan as my solution.
It’s easier to get spare parts of cars from japan.As i made research i recognised this especialy here in Tanzania.example toyota spare parts are affordable.
Many people use cars from Japan and i feel pleased to drive a car from there.
Cars from Japan are strong and harder thus can be my solution as in my country there are many roads that are not smooth .for example toyota land cruser pickup is very safe for my situition.
A car from japan is my dream and if i would have one i could use it to make profit like carying passengers, transporting goods,and employing people and my self as well.
I think of a car from Japan as my best priority when i get a chance i will buy a car from Japan thank you for reading.

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