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Gideon Hanjari from Kenya message

Gideon Hanjari from Kenya message
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It is very rare that one sees a competition that involve all cadre of people. But it is also fun to be part of that competition. Whether one wins or does not that is immaterial. each one entering is a potential winner. Selecting the winner is not easy, because every person in this competition can win. Yet there are persons that deserve to win than the rest. Of course I entered to win. If one does not have such an ambition to will, then why bother enter. Do I deserve to win? Yes I deserve to win. While it will feel good to win; winning in itself is not the end but the beginning of a long term relationship with the sponsors. Car From Japan Co Ltd will be commercially exposed by setting this competition. In the first place whether one wins or not, one now knows there is Car From Japan Co. Ltd. This gives Car From Japan Co. Ltd a number of salesmen/women throughout the world. This free sales will continue to benefit Car From Japan Co Ltd long after the competition is over. The winner will trumpet the virtues of Car From Japan Co.Ltd for many years to come. But the winner will have tangible evidence of the goodness of Car From Japan Co. Ltd. When you pick me as the winner you will not only have picked a salesman for your company but an ambassador worth of note. I can assure you that you will never regret that choice.

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