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gerson kaunde from Malawi message

gerson kaunde from Malawi message
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Firstly i would like to say thank you people for this competition because this will help people who visit sites which sell cars but they don’t have enough money to buy the car they want. Their are alot of people out there who really need something like this to happen to their lives and my dream too to be among the chosen to win a car.

Secondly, I can not say much about car from japan company because today is my first time to visit your site and its my first time to hear about this company, but i think this company is great because it really want people to get their dream car unlike other companies because other companies when they do a competition like this they only choose people who are within the country where the company is like only japanese but with this thing this company has done is my hope that people will be chosen around the world and its my prayer that this company will last forever so that it should reach out to many people.

Lastly, i wanna thank you guys for this wonderful thing may God be with you throughout this year.

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