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George Odwuor from Kenya message

George Odwuor from Kenya message
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I want to thank CAR FROM JAPAN for this competition and making it possible for many people to own a Japanese used car, which have a good reputation worldwide. Japanese used cars are very well maintained and go a long way to make it possible for millions of people around the world to be able to own a vehicle, a preserve that was mainly for the wealthy, not that many years ago. I would liked to be picked as a winner, because i have a huge love for Japanese vehicles and have owned a few in my life, a Nissan sentra, a Nissan 300Z, and i currently own a vintage Datsun 140Y (1979)that is my labour of love. I work on it every chance i have, the only problem being spare parts which are nowadays hard to come by in my country Kenya. So winning a CAR FROM JAPAN would go a long way to spruce my stock of Japanese cars. I am currently working in a rural setting as a Pharmacist and occasionally have to make trips to rural facilities to aid in supervisory activities and a Japanese used car from CAR FROM JAPAN can come in very handy as Japanese cars are hardy and well suited for the road conditions in this part of the world, besides, i have many friends who have bought Japanese used cars and are very happy with the service they are getting from their vehicles, especially in terms of fuel economy and maintenance costs, not to leave out comfort as well. I would love to be the proud owner of a Japanese used car such as a Toyota Prado or Honda crv from CAR FROM JAPAN which would really suit my work environment. The other beauty about Japanese used cars is that should the time come to upgrade to a different vehicle, the resale value of Japanese used cars is very good, and CAR FROM JAPAN has a well established reputation and as such getting another Japanese used car will be very easy with their qualified and friendly staff, not to mention the affordability and great deals provided by CAR FROM JAPAN.

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