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George Kamaji from Zimbabwe message

George Kamaji from Zimbabwe message
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I deserve to be a winner in this competition because the hard fact is that Zambia where am a citizen and resident is one of the top markets for used and new Japanese vehicles. If i were to be selected as one of the winners, most clients of Japanese vehicles in Zambia will be attracted to know more about CAR FROM JAPAN Co., LTD as one of the top suppliers of quality and affordable Vehicles which selected one of the Citizens as a winner which portrays a good relationship with all Zambian Clients. CAR FROM JAPAN Co., LTD as i recently learnt is one of the major suppliers for used Cars to Zambia with over 23, 000 Stock of Vehicles of over 30 different models or makes to choose from and also from purchase prices as low as below US$500 making it affordable for the Zambian Client. CAR FROM JAPAN is a force to reckon with as a top supplier of used vehicles from Japan to Zambia which provides reliable and secure transaction platform with all costs advised eliminating Freud activities which has caused a lot of Zambians and other nationals loss their hard earned money. Once am selected and declared winner with all the permission from CAR FROM JAPAN i shall brand the car in big letters bearing CAR FROM JAPAN which are rarely seen on the Zambian Roads. This car will be a brand carrier and i will make sure within my means to advertise for CAR FROM JAPAN. My family and friends are aware of CAR FROM JAPAN as i have already began to spread the good news of a FREE GIVE AWAY car and advertising your Company through my Facebook and Google+ accounts and also via email invitations.Even if i wont be a successful winner i shall not relent and stop but will continue the Good will to encourage all family and friends and any Zambian citizen or resident to buy from CAR FROM JAPAN because i love Japanese used cars. Japanese used cars gives us the Zambian residents and citizens no problems for future repairs and vehicle periodical servicing since the spares are all over and easily accessible and Cheap and affordable as well. This makes Japanese used car durable in Zambia as compared to cars from other countries. I love Japanese used cars they are affordable, cheap to maintain and lasts longer to the maximum value for every Zambian resident and citizen.

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