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George Galugalu from Kenya message

George Galugalu from Kenya message
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I want to thank you for this great initiative. It makes you the best in this business as it symbolizes that you are not only after profits but customer satisfaction. It also means that that you intend to give back to the customers the value they give you, my humble prayer is that this process is taken all through fairly and transparently and that core values are upheld to the end. I also (jokingly) believe that the winners will represent the geographical space of the earth and where your most customers come from. one thing i would like to add that JAPAN USED SARS are among the best in the world in terms of specifications, inspection and environmentally friendly. Long Live CARS FROM JAPAN
The best person to be selected as a winner is me. This belief is deep from my heart. I have interacted with this site for so many years and have directed different people and would wish to categorically state here that five of my friends have directly purchased from the site. I also from time to time direct others and that I ask them not to buy directly from dealers as it is expensive. I ask them to chose the car of their choice on the site, pay for it and only get the hustle of getting a clearing agent to clear at the port of entry. This makes some business for Car from Japan on Japanese used cars besides satisfying myself on the way I have assisted colleagues.

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