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George from Tanzania message

George from Tanzania message
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  1. CAR FROM JAPAN. A Big thank you for letting me join competition, I would love to Win somthing that i can share with my whole family to be contacted to say i had won a car would be Magnificient as i would never afford a new one and this would be so Exciting and Unbelievable..
    Becouse in our family we used to stay with our lovely sister who lost leg in past years ago, She keeps wanting a new car but its money issue and she goes on about it all the time..
    This would be nice first. Thank you.
  1. CAR FROM JAPAN. Becouse many japanese car (Exspecially Toyota) are very lasting and reliable.. My Uncle still have the old Honda jazz still works well with not much problem not to mention the engine is very well made and easy to drive while my Aunty 1 year old Toyota car works well and quite capable on lond distance..
    Japanese cars are also easy to fix and don’t cost much money to maintain, I used to know all of that through my Uncle…
    CAR FROM JAPAN a high quality & unbeatable pricess in the world..Thank you very very much.

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