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George Chikhadwe from Malawi message

George Chikhadwe from Malawi message
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CAR FROM JAPAN should pick me as a winner for a variety of reason. Firstly, it has always been my dream to own a Japanese used car. This is because most Japanese used cars arrive here in very good conditions as compared to cares from other nations. Secondly, with the car brands that come from Japan it is not hard to find car spares whenever your car has developed problems unlike the other brands on the market. So winning this competition will be like killing two birds with one stone. I will have the luxury of owning my dream car but also know that the car will not give me problems when it comes to spare parts.
The second reason I think CAR FROM JAPAN should pick me as a winner is because I believe I would make a good brand ambassador for CAR FROM JAPAN here in Malawi and thus strengthening its base and thus helping increase CAR FROM JAPAN’s profits.
George Chikhadwe

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