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Gabriel Abel from Namibia message

Gabriel Abel from Namibia message
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Dear Japanese used car

Trying our best luck is always a great thing in life lather than not because we human beings never know where does our blesses relies and sure we know that god is the provider of everything in our entire life, I want to inform you that u’m very glad to be a participant of this competition.

I’m a christian and in my entire life i believe that for a human being to be successful in life, he/she have to do that through others, and individual can not stand on it’s own and rise on his/her own without motivation, knowledge and start being dignified here and there without others, we human being we actually depends on others and the dependency that um talking is this that we normally be successful through others even though you are the have everything for a person to be called rich person, if our brothers/sisters/parents/family and even the society wasn’t there then you are nothing.

What your business is doing is that your guys you are not selfish, you are eager to give with your full desire and everybody participating this competition can just tell that Japanese Used Car is able to help their beloved customer around the world, U’m just at Namibia and see the distance between Namibia and Japan, it really show how eager to achieve something i am. We must actually not forget what upgrade your at the standard or level you are now even though you have reach your desired goal or your desired destiny, you must really thing that my people (customers) have helped me so much now to reach my goal and I have to help them too in order to continue with greater intention too that now we have many customers, we made our business known world wide so, why shouldn’t we give them chance to get something for free too and so that the great one (God) will bless us too we many customers than those ones that we were having.

Perhaps you have tried something very good here, I was really surprised when saw this first time at the most known social media(Facebook), and I took a chance to try my luck too because we never know when and where we have blessed with because sometimes a person was blessed with good things but is not able to use his/her common sense to try to achieve of what he/she is capable of.

I want your company to pick me as a winner because, I am just a young man a poor family, my mother is dead, my father is a driver for one of a company in our country and I ma student who is striving for my success and i want to use this opportunity to see if I will win so that i will try to help family too especially my father who is struggling for me to achieve what i want to be, and that is why i want to tell you that if I win any car from your company it will like an angel fell from heaven to come and help me with my family because people from our country really just take of people of their family and they can’t help you who belong to the family that are not of their societies or religion. I will actually give this gift to my father to use it until I finish my Institution level because he is the only one from our family is eager to help me just because our family has collapsed because of uncertain relationship issues, wealthiness and other things that is keeping them distant.

I thing that CAR FROM JAPAN is really a big and a grown up company now which is able to assist their customers with their helping hand, I think that the more you are giving is the more you will be blessed too, this is really a wonderful idea of what you have came up with. I think that for the next decades, your company will get more customers through your cooperativeness and your eagerness of helping your people because if people were not then you are not at that level too i want to tell you this words that ” People are CAR FORM JAPAN and CAR FROM JAPAN are people too” help today then we will help your guys tomorrow too. The best thing to achieve in life through helping others, elevating together as human beings of the same planet ”Earth” that we are living at so that we can balance the system of wealthiness so that we can try to even have just even a daily bread or either to help those that are suffering around us.

A helpful hand is better than helpless hand which means that you can thing that it is very simple thing that you are giving but great to someone that wasn’t waiting for it and much worth to him or her that it is just changing his or her life so much. The winner of this price will really be happy so much because some of the people wasn’t even dreaming to have a car just because his or her life is not worth of a car and he or she just thing that dreaming to have a car in life is a waste of time because nothing is for free and he or she have just believed that but i think that this is for free, it is very good to try our luck here and see and it doesn’t mean mean that if I didn’t win any of your price i won’t be your customers or support you , I just believe that everyone has a chance in life many chance or once a life time, If i didn’t win i will still keep on supporting your company with my full effort where I am able to.

I have a great feeling spirit that i will be one of them that will grab those gifts, and last but not least i just want to wish your company to be supported much and you to support the world too.

Wishing myself a good luck too!
God bless!

Thank you
Excited(Gabriel Abel) Namibian

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