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Fredrick Sebastian from Tanzania message

Fredrick Sebastian from Tanzania message
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well i dont know what would have happened to the world if There would be no this selling of used cars. It is know that due to different in economic status not every one can buy a brand new car,most of us we opt for the used ones as they fit our pockets. May i calk upon you to keep on expanding your market and reach as many countries as possible. perhaps you would have been selling more Used cars but there are some countries in the world which have burnished the importation of used cars,for sure they narrow down your sells. i think its time for you as a company to do a quick research and negotiate with those countries upon adjusting their policies so citizens may import many used cars. There is this case of high taxes charged on used cars well honestly you need to look on this one too,
it is my belief that you will always deliver to us what we deserve as best not what is available

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