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Fredrick Ogutu from Kenya message

Fredrick Ogutu from Kenya message
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  • I should be picked as the winner in this competition because I have been a very loyal customer and user of CARS FROM JAPAN since my first car which was a Japanese used car of make Toyota Corona Premio. When I gave out that CAR FROM JAPAN which was a Japanese used car and I was the second owner after the original owner in Kenya I had lots of respect and praise for it and it attracted more than 5 buyers, I sold it to a close friend of mine since I knew I could always borrow it from him whenever I missed its comfort and prestige. Since then I have borrowed my former Japanese used car from my friend at least twice for my personal use. When I Sold my used Japanese car I still bought another Japanese used car which I am still using till today. This is a Toyota ist which was also a Japanese used car from Japan, I love it very much and it is never disappointing. My support for Japanese used cars, admiration and constant praise of Japanese used cars whenever I have an opportunity is quite high and exceptional. I am quite passionate about CARS FROM JAPAN and of course the Japanese used cars, my peers and other friends are always amazed at my praise for Japanese cars, I have influenced some of my friends to purchase them. I just love the Japanese cars from the bottom of my heart and I take good care of them knowing that my CAR FROM JAPAN is a precious asset. As a winner I will be more motivated and will get even greater vigor to advertise Japanese used cars whenever I get the opportunity. One of the slogans I will paste/print on my car is ” With Love from Japan, the home of glamour, sleek and beauty for reliability on the Kenyan roads”. This will be printed on both the front and back sides and will be my marketing slogan for ALL JAPANESE USED CARS.

-How I think about CAR FROM JAPAN
I have very high regard and exceptional love for CAR FROM JAPAN because CAR FROM JAPAN are reliable, made to taste, well modeled and beautiful, top of the range, efficient, cheap to maintain, easily available spare parts, comfortable, sleek and availability of trained mechanics locally, comes with full guide on maintenance, exceptional technological piece and just wonderful engine. Since the year 2008 when I purchased my first Japanese used car, there is no single day that I have ever regretted. I have never had CAR FROM JAPAN break down when I am on a journey. CAR FROM JAPAN comes with good technical advise which helps in preventive maintenance and the Japanese used cars always retain their value. However long period you use aCAR FROM JAPAN, its value remains high. Car from Japan comes in different affordable models and they are always the car in-front, the car of choice. They are safe and their owners remain in good health condition even when used for years, bringing unmatched happiness.

In summary:
The car to buy is the CAR FROM JAPAN, the best car to own is the JAPANESE USED CAR. Made to taste and leaves a lasting memory in the owners life. Japanese used car, my CAR FROM JAPAN, my leisure, my pride. When I need speed, leisure, choice, taste, pride, glamour, reliability, Japanese used car is there for me.

Thank you very much and I appreciate the chance you have given me to explore my love for CAR FROM JAPAN. Japan is the reliable home for Japanese used cars. I am humbled to be your ambassador in popularizing CAR FROM JAPAN. Long Live CAR FROM JAPAN, long live Japanese used car.

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