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Fredrick Musee Mutua from Kenya message

Fredrick Musee Mutua from Kenya message
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Hi am a Kenyan of 30years…. Car from Japan has really assisted many Kenyans own their dream cars… Have witnessed the efficiency on our roads to which 99%of the cars used in Kenya come from Japan…. Guys you are really driving the Kenyan Economy forward by easing mobility of traffic…. What amazes me most is the variety….. From small cars like Toyota vitz and Nissan AD van to big cars like Toyota Landcruiser V8.. and Nissan Patrol…. my dream cars……. Importers of Japanese used cars are also making it big in the business world because your cars have proved to be very effective and efficient in our roads…. Not forgeting farm machinery and equipments from Toyota Tshusho which has also won one of the biggest cintracts in Kenya to built a fertilizer plant… This will inturn increase the presence of Japeneese products in Kenya…. Some cars like Toyota Hillux Virgo and also Nissan Navara has really given solution to movement of medium level loads which has also inturn eased the cost of doing business while using them as cars and cargo machines…

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