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FRANKLIN OTIAMA from Kenya message

FRANKLIN OTIAMA from Kenya message
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truly, nothing is difficult in this world, as you struggle there to to serve your customers better, we also struggle here in return, the key issue is never to give up in whatever you do, because luck is always there for those ones who struggle and make trials,
i have hope that i can make it and win this car even if it’s not today, some days in future i will make it. Thanks for coming up with such a campaign.Just to add on this, thanks once again for the reminders you have sent me through my e-mail, i was almost giving up declaring myself a loser but once i came across the reminders you sent me by encouraging me, i started again my journey in the campaign, now i am hoping that soon i will become a winner thanks.CAR FROM JAPAN! CAR FROM JAPAN! CAR FROM JAPAN! its so amazing while participating in this “car from japan” campaign. I am so happy while my progress for wining is going on well, just to add, in my country Kenya and my neighboring countries i.e Uganda and Tanzania, Japanese used cars are everywhere due to the affordable price they offer to their customers, all types of cars are offered at a cheaper price which has contributed to so many developments hear in Kenya and in our neighboring countries (Uganda and Tanzania) Cars from Japan have changed lives of so many Africans at large since they are affordable at a very cheaper price, Japanese used cars have led to introduction of so many driving schools in my country Kenya to enable drivers attain Driving license and drive any class of vehicles and Cars from Japan which are being offered at affordable and cheap price, Cars from Japan have also contributed to the improvement of infrastructure in my country Kenya since so many Highways have been developed e.g Thika super Highways to manage the traffic that has been brought by plenty of cars from Japan which are offered at a cheaper price enabling each capable individual to own it, Japanese used cars have led to improvement of ports e.g Mombasa in Kenya which has contributed to docking of ships, transfer of people and cargo to or from land. We congratulate cars from Japan and Japanese used cars which have promoted entirely for transportation of people and goods worldwide. Live long cars from japan and Japanese used cars!

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