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Franklin Bett from Kenya message

Franklin Bett from Kenya message
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A car from Japan is a socio-economic tool that enhances the welfare of the owner and the nation at large. Owning a truck, means ability to move goods like agricultural produce to the market. Here the farmer gains, the owner of the truck is paid, and the trader has a produce for sale or value addition. Then the salesmen and women. Last but not least the people have food.
When it comes to social issues, a Japanese used car is pocket friendly to a person who wants to own a car for family use. Family use would mean taking kids to and from school, being in the wedding motorcade of one’s daughter or taking the family on a tour of our great National Parks to enjoy the bounty of our wildlife and the hospitality of the people. Use a car, a Toyota saloon, a Subaru Impreza or a Mazda , a car from Japan to go to work. It saves lots of man hours.
The off-road cars from Japan are great for the African roads. You only wish to get on the wheel of a prado, a land cruiser Toyota or a Nissan patrol and the African road gives way to the animal. It slides with ease, climbs without a struggle. You arrive!

The Kluger in my possession is a great car from Japan. I used it to hunt for votes in rural Kenya. You can imagine our earth roads: muddy hence slippery, rocky and narrow; it made it invariably with a little help. I bought it as a used car. I have no regrets, and have no plans to dispose it. I have another nicknamed Pronad, a Toyota saloon, it is a Mercedes on the road from Japan not Germany this time round. How about this small 4×4 car from Japan, Suzuki, it always surprises me the way it handles rough terrain. It climbs and navigates easily through wet and Stoney drives even in the forest. Many use it as service car in forest harvesting!
As intimated earlier, the Japanese used cars do exhibit little mechanical problems in the first three years. It must be stressed those issues are manageable due to availabity of spares at affordable prices and good working environment in the engine area. Some items can easily be replaced by the owner without the need for a mechanic or by a fuel pump attendant.
A car from Japan comes in colors of choice. The colors are many to choose from and to satisfy the taste of any customer. I love grey, red and white.
Another area of attention is the interior decor, these cars from Japan come with varied tastes. The decor has quality ranges that are mindful to comfort and to the suitability and affordability of the customer. The color mix inside and extending to the exterior is splendid. Some of these cars come with real leather seats! A car from Japan has what it takes for comfort in driving.

These used cars from Japan mean a lot in rural Kenya.

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