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Frank Chuma from Tanzania message

Frank Chuma from Tanzania message
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You should pick me as a winner because I will be a very good ambassader of your brand once I became a winner and I can assure you that it will be very succesful because I will be having a vivid example to tell people about your goodies.
Also from My Country (Tanzania) People perceive cars from Japan as amoung the best cars sold in the world due to their quality and durability as well as their affordable price. And when a person think about purchasing a car from abroad the first market which comes into his mind is Japan as also its importation procedures are quite easier compared to other markets.
And lastly I would like to advice you guys to privide a direct link to every individual which can be used by a personal him/her self to invite other people through watsap and other social network because its where most of people can see that link.
Regards: Frank Chuma

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