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FRANCIS LEKI from Kenya message

FRANCIS LEKI from Kenya message
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Folks, when i went shooping for Toyota Surf in 2002, a number of my friends told me i shall find problems with findning service parts in Kenya. However, 5 years later on, i needed buying no service parts except normal servicing. Today the parts are all over the streets.

In Nairobi city you could hardly see a surf then, except three owners, two others and myself (learnt so with KRA vehicle registrtaion then). People shunned the Surf Salon but now everyone is bound to admire the Toyota Surf Salon new model.

Aparently, every car infront of you in Kenya is now a Toyota, ask yourself why? For example, Surf salon today is a favorite brand in Kenya selling in equal measure to the Prados and Land cruisers, thanks to its impoved new model now in the market.

15 years down the line my Surf can re-sale by anything over 60% of the buying price and that is exactly what i want to do, as long as i can top up for the newest model in the market.

Unless it is a written off case, Toyota brands generaly just dont lie in the garages even after accident defects. I can challenge you to look for how many ignored or disused Toyata Hilux pickups arround cities in Kenay. Quite fw if none ata all because these are relaible brands in our market. Unlike many brands, you can replace any thing to almost new, thus its Toyotas are the best brands for economic hustlers (middle income earners) in Kenya and any other developing Nation.

If one is shopping for a car for the first time, you have more chances of not going wrong and regretting if your first option remains any Toyota brand.Therefore, your partner in car sells must always remain CAR FROM JAPAN. For more information and over 13,0000 cars (brand selections) coupled with efficient and reliable shipping arrangements just google CAR FROM JAPAN to prove yourself and others right.

CAR FROM JAPAN remains your ultimate choice for used but high grade japaneese car units.

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