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Francis from Kenya message

Francis from Kenya message
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I have never owned a car fresh from japan whether used or new and the current car am using is a 2002 Pajero IO that I bought from a previous owner who failed to indicate that the car was not mechanically sound. I’ve had to spend a lot on repairs and am unable to use it for family travel which was its main purpose. This has left my family and I in need of a mechanically sound vehicle that can do long distance while accommodating two toddler boys, their mum and all the luggage needed.

The main thing I like about cars from Car From Japan is that if the inspection is done by Total Automotive Excellence as shown in the pictures of your newer cars with free inspection i.e. 2015 and above then I can buy cars from you in peace knowing that I have a mechanically sound car that will serve me and my family for a long long time.

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