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Fortunatus Chacha from Tanzania message

Fortunatus Chacha from Tanzania message
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Oooh my god i will be gladly and happy coming uo the winner from tanzania. My dream may become true and my succes may rise and for i will have a great chance to fed my family through having a car from japan. Tourism is my dream work, but a car is a first thing and easy way for meto complete the goal i ever wanted in my life and my desires to the succes. I will be so happy my friends if i come up a winner. I always pray to winn but last time I lost the page and I couldn’t enter but I thank god that I have found out. I am going to keep up with the mission to win a car though the completion seems to not be so easy but I will keep my self in the game. Ooooho and about you friends please let me winn the competion . I will be greatiful I becoming the winner. Ohio fidi you know I used to dream about a car since I was 8 years old. My mum told me about that for I didn’t know too. And now I am 25 years and struggling to win a car I appreciate that I see my dreams succiding in a wail. I am a winner of the summer car free car from Japan.

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