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Florence Wachuka Kaguia from Kenya message

Florence Wachuka Kaguia from Kenya message
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Cars from Japan are the best and especially for the Kenyan market. The people in Japan are honest and good business people because it is on very rare occasions that you find you can pay someone all the money upfront and trust them to deliver your car. You have never met this people and you have never been to Japan but they deliver your car despite all this. They also ensure that the car you get is the car you have choosen.

My dream has been to own my own car and when I get the chance to do so I will get it from Japan. I visit the Japan car selling sites just to have a look at what is on offer with the hope that one day I will be choosing my own car.

Continue with the good business. You are good people and Kenyans love doing business with you.

All the best

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