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festus mutethia kiilu from Kenya message

festus mutethia kiilu from Kenya message
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Hello Lan i am very glad to hear from you i have been waiting for this opportunity since last year i sow the email late when application had already been done,i have already invited some of my work colleagues in Kenya,Uganda and mogadishu to enter to this competition i have worked around East African region with one of the leading diagnostic laboratory Lancet laboratories and i will be very glad to market your product and bear your brand across the region.

The CAR FROM JAPAN is the best company ever coming to Africa and helping people in Africa own a car at a cheap prices and especially by giving people opportunity to win a car free of chance is the best idea ever coming from oversee company and we are very glad for this opportunity.Everybody i spoke to about this was very glad.
Japanese used car helps people in developing countries to purchase and own cars because the brand new cars are out of reach for them due to price,i will be glad to drive one of your car especially a Toyota convertible car is a dream come true for me.



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