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Festo Chengula from Tanzania message

Festo Chengula from Tanzania message
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CAR FROM JAPAN, first of all, I am very glad and I thank you very much for this opportunity for me to join the competition. To pick me as a winner I believe everyone asking God of our understanding to win. To my side, first of all as I have being supporting the community through Non for profit organization called Kgamboni community centre (KCC) as the founder with my friends with the aim providing free education, talent development vocational skills and so on. www,kccdar,com. My winning will with the tractor head it will lead me to full fill my dreams in farming and livestock keeping as well as climate change in to make the World a better place for everyone. And I will proud for this which will make more differences in my life and my sounding community in general. Because my country is among of the African developing one. I feel grateful though I am not good enough in English. My friends lets join to this competition as sponsors in order to support CAR FROM JAPAN. Thank you very much. Festo

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