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Felix Chanzu from Kenya message

Felix Chanzu from Kenya message
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This is the most precious topic that one can enjoy speaking about all the time.
Since time immemorial, Japan motors have been on top of the word.Japan cars have earned accolade,not only in Africa and Kenya where I come from,but also the entire globe acknowledges the fabulous performance and joy that Japan cars bring to its clients.
one cannot regret for getting into association with this multi billion company.
Actually your many resources have always made you to shine and bring extra joy day by day.
it was a great joy when I was brought to the knowledge of this competition.
I have always admired to have a car of my own although my financial ability is low.
This came to be a dire need to me especially after consistent pressure from my mother to work hard and posses a car from Japan.
it then became a necessity but now the question was,how can I just wake up one day and pocess a car from japan?
But to my utter joy,I woke up to the news concerning this promotion.To me,I did not just consider demands directed a promotion but I best considered it as a viable opportunity to acquire my dream car from Japan cars and actually turn my vision into a reality.
I think this will be the best opportunity not only to me but also those who celebrate the accolade and outstanding performance of Japan cars.
It is great joy to be a participant in this competition. I think my commitments and the vigour by which I have taken to promote and publicize this company will lead be to good future,a future of fulfilment.
As I take part in this competition, I want to crown Japan cars as the mother of the automated world,through their well designed cars with quality engines,chassis, body and even all the other outstanding aspects of your company.
This a company that goes with the will,desire,taste and preferences of the ever dynamic world.
Actually Japan cars we are looking and waiting upon you to secure us from poverty and the lengthy road walks that we’ve had to walk due to lack of resources to purchase our own cars.
I wish that Japan cars should recognize my unflinching support for their company and reward my efforts.
I will even be more grateful if the company hires me to act as one of its sales people. I actually have the zeal to work with this company for the betterment and actual fulfilment of its dreams, desires and demands.
Above all,congratulations Japan cars for having offered your best over a number of decades!!! on top you stand forever,our support and demands directed towards you.Congratulations!!!

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