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Fatima Samsoodeen from South Africa message

Fatima Samsoodeen from South Africa message
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I was actually one day browsing the internet looking for cars and came across your website Japanese used car. I was really interested in buying myself a Car from Japan as the prices were really good. You see I had a Chrysler voyager which engine gave up and had no car for months because I had to get money to fix it. I got help but my car is still not the same, I am having endless problems with it, I still have to pay the debt back so basically I cannot afford buying another car, just fix and pray for a miracle. That’s why I wish that my prayer will be answered by your miracle competition that I have entered and hopefully win the car that wont cost me money all the time.

So please consider my entry, I would really appreciate it, and believe me being a single mum with car problems is very risky here in South Africa, and very expense considering everything else that I have to see to.

But overall I must say I enjoy going browsing your website Japanese used cars, there are real bargains there, and whats more important is that a lot of cars from japan are sold here in South Africa, so there is no problem with purchasing spare parts and they are not badly priced either.

Anyway thank you for reading my message, take care, goodluck, and good job.
Keep it up…. you guys rock!!!!

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