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Faraja Kibona from Kenya message


I struggle too much but i believe i will win this car from Japan. To be poor is bad that’s why some people fail even to compete this free car because they don’t have ability to buy even single MB to browse. Life is too tough but i promise myself that i must win.Car from Japan i real like them due to its strength and tolerant when compared to other cars. This is because in Tanzania, roads are not well constructed hence it need strong car like that from Japan. My interest to join in this competition is due to the need of car to be use to travel when conducting my duties because light now am student at University of Dar es salaam but also am conducting small businesses so as to live. Once i manage to win this car from Japan i can’t imagine how happy i will be, because i suffered much by using public cars. Actually i appreciate cars from Japan, i like to selected as a winner of this car and once selected i will do my best to publication these brand cars from Japan. Am glad to join this competition and i congratulate all sponsors of this car from Japan.

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