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fahd from Kenya message

fahd from Kenya message
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What can I not say…if Japan wasn’t exporting cars to my country then 65% of us current vehicle owners and vehicle sellers Would not be able to do what we do…as a matter of fact guess that now the percentage of brand new vs Japanese used vehicles just dropped so its high time u guys take advantage of this and give us better prices so as u may beat the competition of other companies like SBT and IBC and many more…best prices and quality units translates to returning customers which is the basis of your business…looking forward to doing good business if get better prices and units from your company…keep up the spirit and I know the odds of me being chosen us the winner are very low so won’t keep my hopes up …what I am more interested in are best deals for units so can keep making money from purchasing on behalf of my clients therefore I would love to win but I know chances are really low so pray and hope for the best…

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