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Estevan Rivera from USA message

Estevan Rivera from USA message
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Car from japan .I would really like to win i have been struggling and my car just broke down and im about to give up myslef then i came across your website entered hoping i can win because im not winning anywhere eles in my life. I have a daughter im only 20 i need to get around.. thats why i think i should win i will promote and sponser your page and business each and everyday if i win and make sure people go to you. I work in the hot sun. I pretty much live in my car beacuse i work alot and never really sleep to be a dad to. Can you please help a young man get back on track from everything eles going wrong in my life please let this go right and if not ill just give up i know these alot of people going through alot worse all am asking is that you dont let me go through that too. If you could help a dad and his daughter on the street asking for help not because he wants to but because he has to or eles his daughter wont eat im the type of dad to make sure my daughter eats before i do even if i dont get to eat. I think car from japan is very humble to be offering such a gift like this. I really think you guys are doing the best to your ability to help the world. Im not sure if you guys are going to pick me but i sure do hope whoever you picked its not someone who already has alot over someone who has nothing

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