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Eric Phambala from Malawi message

Eric Phambala from Malawi message
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To begin with, I would like to thank you for letting me join this competition. First reason is that I don’t have a car, I am a Secondary school Teacher from Malawi, also studying Masters degree at the University of Malawi. So for me to own a car it will be greatly appreciated since most Teachers here don’t own cars. Secondly I feel embarrassed because most of my friends of my age are driving and buying cars from Japan but for me now I can afford one. Thirdly, my parents have got two cars,Sienta, and Townace all bought from Cars from Japan but they don’t let me drive, while most of my friends there parents let them have their cars. So It pains me because I have a drivers licence but I don’t drive because of access. Lastly but not least, to be honest I love cars and I envy my friends who have their own while me I can’t afford one right now. Hopefully enough after completing my My Masters Programme, I hope to secure a good job and starting a business. In the end I believe I will be your best customer because I have a business plan which will deal with transportation. So in the near future I will be buying cars from you. I have a plan. Pick me as a winner.

Yours faithfully
Eric Phambala

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